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[Jdrama] Bara no nai Hanaya

Katori Shingo as Shiomi Eiji
Takeuchi Yuko as Shirato Mio
Shaku Yumiko as Ono Yuki
Matsuda Shota as Kudo Naoya
Yagi Yuki as Shiomi Shizuku
Motokariya Yuika as Shizuku’s mother
Terajima Susumu as Shijo Kengo
Ikeuchi Junko as Hishida Keiko
Miura Tomokazu as Anzai Teruo
Bitoh Isao as Hirakawa Tatsumi
Tamayama Tetsuji as Kamiyama Shun

Bara no nai Hanaya is a Japanese drama that aired in the winter of 2008. It was 11 episodes long and was one of the more popular dramas of the season, securing an average rating of 18.6%.

The synopses of this drama online are misleading, I tell you! I thought that this drama was just about a single father who owned a flower shop, and so I thought, ‘well, that doesn’t sound too interesting.’ But I noticed that the drama has really high ratings, especially for this season, and kept hearing from others to pick up this drama, so I did. And boy, am I glad I did. So now let me summarize the storyline. Without leaving out the most important part of the series.
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Winter 2008 Drama Preview

New season, new dramas, and a renewed spirit! This’ll be my first drama preview post as just my first impressions on the dramas I’m planning on watching and reviewing.

First Impressions

Shikaotoko Aoiniyoshi

A very unlucky man is forced to move his post at a university lab to a girl’s high school in Nara, where the deer roam around freely. Ogawa Takanobu moves into an apartment/inn of some sorts with a bunch of his co-workers. Life in Nara is quite different from Tokyo and Ogawa has probalem adjusting, including a student who seems to hate him. And not to mention that there seems to be someone tailing him and writing telltale notes on his classroom blackboard. So far, I’ve found Shikaotoko Aoiniyoshi to be quite interesting. Even though, it takes place in Nara that’s depicted as mostly slow-paced and not very exciting, the drama is full of life. I also love that the humor is very dry; there doesn’t seem to be any slapstick to be seen. I also have to mention that Tamaki Hiroshi and Ayase Haruka have pretty unflattering hair compared to their previous hairstyles. Maybe it’s supposed to be reflect on their location.
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