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[Jmovie] Tegami

Yamada Takayuki as Takeshima Naoki
Sawajiri Erika as Shirai Yumiko
Tamayama Tetsuji as Takeshima Takashi
Fukiishi Kazue as Nakajo Asami
Onoue Hiroyuki as Terao Yusuke
Fukikoshi Mitsuru as Ogata Tadao

Every month, Naoki receives a letter from his brother, Takashi. Though they used to be very close, Takashi is now in prison for life. While Takashi was never a star pupil, Naoki is, and Takashi is determined to send his little brother to college. He works very hard, but unfortunately he hurts his back and was fired from his job. Unable to find work, he robs a house out of desperation, and when he is running he bumps into the elderly woman who lives there; the two struggle, and she dies. Because of this, he is send to prison and Naoki is branded “a murderer’s brother.” The story focuses mostly on Naoki and discrimination against him because of his brother, though he has done nothing wrong. Other characters include Yumiko, a girl who has always watched from the side and becomes his good friend; Yusuke, his friend since junior high; and Asami, who becomes his girlfriend.
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ERIKA – Destination Nowhere

1. Destination Nowhere
3. FREE (overrocket101007 mix)
4. Destination Nowhere -Instrumental-

Destination Nowhere is ERIKA’s second single and was released November 28, 2007. Though her debut single and single under the pen name Kaoru Amane were chart-toppers, Destination Nowhere failed to chart or sell nearly as well, debut at #4 on the dailies, but falling to #7 on the weekly charts. The first week sales were just over 26,000 copies. The title track was used as the theme to the Fall dorama, Mop Girl. This single also had an interesting change in image; although I’m not sure what the change is supposed to reflect. I’m sure the hair, wardrobe, and make-up works well for a high fashion shoot, but her appeal as a singer should be modeled differently. Plus the image doesn’t accurately reflect the single at all.
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3. Time to go home
4. FREE -Instrumental-

After first debuting under the pen name Amane Kaoru from the dorama which she starred in, idol Sawajiri Erika re-debuted under a new pen name, ERIKA. Surprisingly, her debut single, Taiyou no Uta, was the highest selling female single of 2006. That truly amazed me since Erika’s voice didn’t match up to the great composition of the two songs. However, she has a rather large fanbase from her acting and modeling career, which exudes selling potential. I was really surprised to hear that she would be re-debuting as a singer, since her voice didn’t impress me at all on her first single. ERIKA also co-wrote the lyrics to the first two tracks. FREE was released on July 4, 2007 and grabbed the #1 spot immediately, selling over 50,000 copies within the first week. But – the question is, is Erika just a actress/modeling riding on that fanbase to sell copies or does her musical career actually deserve it?

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