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Short and sweet ANNIVERSARY!

I was going to write something special, but actually I didn’t really have anything prepared and I had a midterm today, so actually…there’s really nothing but this short little message.


I still have more posts in the works, but for now I’ll just list some albums I’ve been enjoying lately
MONKEY MAJIK – TIME: this album is so good! The singles on the album were really good (esp. Tada, Arigatou) but there are also some great new tracks (like brokedown) I want to write some more on this later….
ayaka – Sing to the Sky: there are a lot of singles that I hadn’t really paid attention to but I am soo in love with Te wo Tsunagou, Okaeri, and Jewelry Day
OLIVIA – Trinka Trinka: as if I hadn’t said enough about this album, I LOVE it! It was so worth the wait, every time I listen to the album, I like it more and more.
Rie fu – Tobira: have been listening to this more often lately and am re-realizing how lovely this album really is.
Fish Leong – Sunrise: my very first Fish album! though I hadn’t really listened to it too much last year, lately I’ve been going back to my roots and it really is quite beautiful.

That’s it for now, hopefully I can get together my drama preview/review soon =)

November 5, 2008 at 2:37 am 1 comment

Rie fu – Tobira Album

1. 5000 Miles~Album version
2. Come To My Door
3. Tsukiakari
4. Kimi ga Ukabu yo
5. tobira
6. On It’s Way
7. Until I Say
9. Feel The Same
10. dreams be
11. Sunshine of my day~Live version
12. London
13. Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu

Rie fu is one of those artists that the first time I heard, I hated. It was many years ago before I really got into Jpop, when I still watched Bleach and the ending theme was “Life is Like a Boat.” Okay, well it wasn’t like I hated the thing more than anything else. It was more like if I didn’t have to listen to it, then I absolutely wouldn’t. Actually I hadn’t listened to that song in a long time, but I did recently to see if I still hated it. While it’ll never become one of my favorites, I don’t really understand why I hated it that time I heard it. It’s quite a pleasant listen, but it wasn’t became I listened to it again that I started to realize that I actually kind of like Rie fu. It was the single Tsukiakari that made me give her a second chance.
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