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OLIVIA is Sailing Free

After 2.5 years (and 7 months since her latest mini-album), OLIVIA will be releasing her 11th single, titled “Sailing Free.”

I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was suddenly postponed, only to turn into a mini-album, but since the release date is looming at only a couple of weeks away (April 15, 2009) I’d say the we have a true single on our hands! And there’s even some promotion as the insert song for a video game called Devil Kings (Sengoku Basara).

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Short and sweet ANNIVERSARY!

I was going to write something special, but actually I didn’t really have anything prepared and I had a midterm today, so actually…there’s really nothing but this short little message.


I still have more posts in the works, but for now I’ll just list some albums I’ve been enjoying lately
MONKEY MAJIK – TIME: this album is so good! The singles on the album were really good (esp. Tada, Arigatou) but there are also some great new tracks (like brokedown) I want to write some more on this later….
ayaka – Sing to the Sky: there are a lot of singles that I hadn’t really paid attention to but I am soo in love with Te wo Tsunagou, Okaeri, and Jewelry Day
OLIVIA – Trinka Trinka: as if I hadn’t said enough about this album, I LOVE it! It was so worth the wait, every time I listen to the album, I like it more and more.
Rie fu – Tobira: have been listening to this more often lately and am re-realizing how lovely this album really is.
Fish Leong – Sunrise: my very first Fish album! though I hadn’t really listened to it too much last year, lately I’ve been going back to my roots and it really is quite beautiful.

That’s it for now, hopefully I can get together my drama preview/review soon =)

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OLIVIA – Trinka Trinka

1. Trinka trinka
2. Rain
3. Because
4. Collecting sparkles
5. Miss you
6. Your smile

One word that would sum up OLIVIA’s newest mini-album Trinka Trinka would be “cohesive.” Compared to her early albums syncronicity, which could go from jazz to alternative rock, and The Lost Lolli, which was pretty much a compilation of some of her most eclectic tracks from the preceding mini album, Trinka trinka;s tracks sound like they are part of an album instead of a compilation. Actually, it’s like Bleeding Heart expanded into a whole album. I wish Bleeding Heart was on this album! Rankings wise, it didn’t do too well. While it first debuted at a moderate #28, it fell to #76 on the weekly ranking, selling a little over 1,700 copies. What a shame! Especially since every track is well done and there is not a song I don’t like. Which is cool, because many times, there’s always one track on OLIVIA’s (mini) albums that I don’t like or like a lot less than the rest.
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OLIVIA – Bleeding Heart

Anyone following OLIVIA’s releases is sure to be disappointed. Over and over. There was first a single scheduled for late-2007 (Real Love), but was canceled. It was okay, though, because shortly after a mini-album was scheduled for early-2008 However, that too was canceled. However! OLIVIA did release something, albeit not a single or a mini album. It is part of a compilation from Vision Factory called Flower Festival, so each song was named after a flower. And OLIVIA chose Bleeding Heart, which is rather pretty (despite sounding pretty morbid).
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1. a little pain
2. Wish
3. Starless Night
4. Shadow of Love
5. Tell Me
6. Rock You
7. Winter Sleep
8. Recorded Butterflies -Studio Live-
9. Wish -Live-
10. a little pain -Studio Live-

OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST) is OLIVIA’s third album, a special album which compiled her songs for NANA, as well as song new ones. Although items that are NANA-related are expected to be big sellers, it was not true for this album (or Tsuchiya Anna’s NANA album). So even though it was given a limited 50,000 copies, it has only sold around 11,000 copies.
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OLIVIA – The Cloudy Dreamer

1. If you only knew
2. Stars shining out
3. Dream Catcher
4. Who’s gonna stop it?
5. Cloudy World
6. Cut me free
7. Wish (English Version)
8. a little pain

The Cloudy Dreamer is OLIVIA’s fifth mini-album. It was released on January 17, 2007, almost three years about her second studio album, The Lost Lolli. It contains her two most recent singles, released about 2 and a half years after The Lost Lolli. It peaked at #15 on the weekly Oricon charts, but managed to reach #9 on the daily charts the first day of its release. It was her first, and currently only, album to ever reach the top ten. It has currently sold over 17,000 copies.
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OLIVIA – The Lost Lolli

1. Alone in our Castle
2. Fake Flowers
3. Blind Unicorn
4. Devil’s in me
5. Celestial Delinquent
6. Space Halo
7. SpidERSpins (Lost Lolli Mix)
8. 026unconscious333
9. Under Your Waves
10. Dreamcamp
11. Denial
12. Sea me (English Version)
13. Into The Stars (Live Arrangement Version)

OLIVIA’s second full-length studio album was released on February 18, 2004. It only contained two new songs and two new arrangements. The rest of the songs were on her previous four mini-albums. This may the be the reason for its extremely low popularity; The Lost Lolli peaked at #111 on the Oricon charts.
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OLIVIA – The Return of the Chlorophyll Bunny

1. Dreamcamp
2. skip to a little #
3. Purple Box
4. Under Your Waves
5. Space Halo

The vocals in Dreamcamp are absolutely gorgeous. The arrangement in the beginning is again very bare with just some electronic bass and a guitar strumming, the focus is completely on the vocals. Later, some piano is added in, but it just complements the vocals.
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OLIVIA – Comatose Bunny Butcher

Comatose Bunny Butcher
Released September 12, 2003
1. Celestial Delinquent
2. 026unconscious333s
3. 57Sto R M03
4. Devil’s in me
5. Bliss Forest

Celestial Delinquent starts off sounding somewhat like a R&B song. The arrangement is minimal with only some electronica, bass, and a constant beat. The chorus is smooth and airy, while the verses are talking-singing.
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OLIVIA – Merry & Hell Go Round

1. SpidERSpins
2. Denial
3. Blind Unicorn
4. Cupid
5. sugarbloodsuckers

SpidERSpins features a quiet intro, slightly creepy with the melody of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” but quickly turns into a rock song. Playful and featuring whimsical lyrics like, “sweet sweet to want to suck it out -spider spins so beautiful,” it a fun song with OLIVIA’s signature clear vocals. And it ends just as strangely as it begins.
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