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Fall 2008 Drama Reviews

So instead of doing a drama preview and separate review, I bring to you near-end of season reviews! Short and sweet, hopefully. Well, even though I haven’t finished any series yet, I’ve been dying to do this! Dramas are so nice…they make a great study breaks, haha =)

Celeb to Binbo Taro

Starring: Ueto Aya, Kamiji Yusuke, Kunitaka Ryoko, Kashiwabara Takashi
It’s the story of a rich girl (Ueto) who’s the daughter a major hotel chain owner, who also runs her own fashion line. She meets a poor widower with three young kids (Kamiji) and blah blah stuff happens. Basically it’s a drama with almost everyone really exaggerated, where the villian’s motive is nowhere to be found (yet? who knows). But, it’s still a fun watch for when you’re bored.
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A blonde streak?

For some reason, there have been a couple of new hairstyles that are….less than attractive. I don’t go looking for these things, and well, usually, it’s not that big of deal that I would want to post about it but I really feel the need to.

First was Shige from NEWS.

I don’t really follow Johnny’s, but NEWS is one of the two groups (+Arashi) that I know more about and that I can actually name names! (seriously, only two groups, and as a side note, H!P scares me in this aspect). But I saw this and first off, didn’t recognize him. And after I did recognize him, I was kind of appalled, and really only for one reason: the hair color. It’s disgusting and the dark roots make it look like he didn’t keep up with a bad dye job. Another bad hairstyling choice would have to be the height that it sticks up to. Way to accentuate a bad look.

Next was Mizushima Hiro.

Apparently he’s going to be starring in a new movie called DROP ( and that’s why he dyed him. But no matter what image he’s supposed to have, wouldn’t you think that the producers could just forget it because it looks TERRIBLE?! Unless that’s the look they were going for, in that case, they’ve done a great job. Even that great face can’t help him anymore. I was at the bookstore and saw him in a magazine and my jaw literally dropped. I forget exactly what hairstyle it was, but it wasn’t the ones I just posted. I didn’t find those anywhere online (or haven’t yet, though I don’t really want to search for ’em anyway). And if you can imagine, he looks better in these pictures than he did in the magazine (which one you say? can’t remember). Thankfully I hear that he doesn’t like his blonde hair and will (has?) dye it back to black after filming is done. I wonder if he’ll do the promotions in that hair, though…

As a side note, Narimiya Hiroki (who’s co-starring) also has this weird hair (buzz cut – fire engine red) but it’s doesn’t look as bad as Hiro’s does. The poor boy(s).

And that’s it. I am overdue for a bunch of music reviews, drama reviews from last season, and a drama preview for this season. They’ll probably come in a condensed format. Somewhat soon…by the end of this month? School has been killing me.

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Summer 2008 Drama Previews

I have a love-hate relationship with new drama season. On one hand, new dramas starting are always exciting and there’s plenty to sample from. On the other hand, the previous season has ended and now you’re in this kind of withdrawal from your favorite of the previous season. Sometimes it helps if there wasn’t anything too good last season, but usually, there’s one drama that I just need more of. Well, anyway, I’ve definitely been sampling quite a few of the dramas from this season and here they are:
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[Jdrama] Last Friends

Nagasawa Masami as Aida Michiru
Ueno Juri as Kishimoto Ruka
Eita as Mizushima Takeru
Mizukawa Asami as Takigawa Eri
Nishikido Ryo as Oikawa Sosuke
Yamazaki Shigenori as Ogura Tomohiko
Nishihara Aki as Hiratsuka Reina’
Baisho Mitsuko as Aida Chinatsu
Nagashima Mitsuki as Kishimoto Shogo
Shibuya Takeru as Higuchi Naoya
to Yuko as Shirahata Yuko
Tanaka Tetsushi as Hayashida Kazumi
Asaka Mayumi as Kishimoto Yoko
Hirata Mitsuru as Kishimoto Shuji

Last Friends is the story of people who have been hurt and continue to be hurt. They try to escape it, but they can’t. The only thing they can do is try to cope. Michiru is a budding hairdresser with a careless mother and a father she doesn’t ever speak to. She has a kind boyfriend, Sousuke, but when she moves in with him, he begins controlling and abusing her. Ruka is Michiru’s friend from high school and the two coincidentally met again. She’s a motorcross racer but holds a deep secret. Eri is a flight attendant who is friends with Takeru, a hair and make-up artist by day, a bartender by night. Through Eri, Takeru and Ruka become friends, and through Ruka, Michiru and Takeru become friends. Like Ruka, Takeru holds a secret from his childhood.
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Spring 2008 Drama Previews

New season, new dramas! Here are my first and pre-impressions for some of the dramas this season.

Last Friends
It’s the story of people who have been hurt and how they are coping with it. It deals with many issues such as domestic violence and sexuality, so needless to say, this series is rather mature and serious. Not only does it have an amazing cast with Nagasawa Manami, Ueno Juri, and Eita, the story is interesting and compelling. Add to that a GREAT OP sequence and I think I’ve already decided that Last Friends is going to be my favorite of the season. And isn’t that promo images so beautiful?
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A Johnny’s post?!

So, I’m not much of a Johnny’s fan, as if that weren’t obvious by the lack of Johnny’s music coverage. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know about them or that I’ve never listened to them.

On a slightly different note, some of you might know that a certain someone was recently at USC for a movie premiere… (ok fine, it was Matsujun of Arashi, but you already knew that, didn’t you?) And I’m lucky that it was easy enough access to get to his event and see Matsujun in person! And take pictures! And so I’m not supposed to take pictures, but I took ’em anyway and still got to keep them. And let me tell you, it was lucky, because I saw people coming and put my camera away and they didn’t notice me, but they did make other people delete their pictures! (delete!)
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[Jdrama] Papa to Musume no Nanokaken

Tachi Hiroshi as Kawahara Kyoichiro
Aragaki Yui as Kawahara Koume
Kato Shigeaki as Osugi Kenta
Morita Ayaka as Nakayama Ritsuko
Yashima Norito as Nakajima Kokai
Sada Mayumi as Nishino Wakako
Asou Yumi as Kawahara Rieko

Papa to Musume no Nanokaken is a Japanese dorama that aired in the summer of 2007. It was broadcasted on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM on TBS. Its average ratings were 13.9%, though the highest ratings were 16.7% for one episode, and there were seven episodes altogether.
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