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Summer 2008 Drama Previews

I have a love-hate relationship with new drama season. On one hand, new dramas starting are always exciting and there’s plenty to sample from. On the other hand, the previous season has ended and now you’re in this kind of withdrawal from your favorite of the previous season. Sometimes it helps if there wasn’t anything too good last season, but usually, there’s one drama that I just need more of. Well, anyway, I’ve definitely been sampling quite a few of the dramas from this season and here they are:
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July 23, 2008 at 12:33 pm 4 comments

[Jdrama] LIFE

Kitano Kii as Shiiba Ayumu
Fukuda Saki as Anzai Manami
Seki Megumi as Hatori Miki
Hosoda Yoshihiko as Sako Katsumi
Sakai Miki as Hiraoka Masako
Hojo Takahiro as Sonoda Yuuki
Seto Asaka as Toda Wakae
Maya Miki as Shiiba Fumiko
Hoshii Nanase as Hirose Nodoka (Hiro)
Osawa Akane as Shinozuka Yuko
Katsumura Masanobu as Sako Toshikatsu
Nakamura Tomoya as Kano Akira
Suenaga Haruka as Iwamoto Midori
Ono Takehiko as Anzai Daijiro

LIFE is a Japanese drama that aired during the summer of 2007. It was broadcasted by Fuji TV and is 11 episodes long. The average ratings were 12.2%. It was adapted from Suenobu Keiko’s manga of the same name. Its theme song is LIFE by Nakashima Mika. Fukuda Saki won Best Supporting Actress and Tanimura Masaki won Best Director for their work at the 54th Television Drama Academy Awards.
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November 4, 2007 at 6:32 pm 5 comments