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Khalil Fong – Ai Ai Ai

1. Ai Ai Ai
2. Shu Li Zhen
3. Ge Shou Yu Mo Te Er
4. Ai! Feat. Fama
5. Si Ren You Feat. Fiona Sit
6. Shou Tuo Shou
7. Tou Xiao
8. Goodbye Melody Rose
9. Shi Ren De Qing Ren
10. Tuo Nan Dai Nu
11. Love Interlude
12. If you leave me now
13. Chun Feng Cui Zhi Cui Cui Feng (Mix)

Ai Ai Ai uses an interesting mix of strings and Khalil’s calm beats. The strings give the song a real classical feel but the rhythms are clearly soul, and it combines for a really pleasant song. I love everything about this song: the melodies, the lyrics, and rhythms. Even though “ai” is repeated, it doesn’t sound old or repetitive. Around the end, he’s backed up by a bunch of people and it sounds great.

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Khalil Fong – Soulboy

1. Prologue
2. Mei Mei
3. Chun Feng Chui
4. Mei Tian Mei Tian
5. Nu Ren
6. Jiao Wo Zen Me Shuo
7. Na Pa
8. Nan Yin
9. Wo Men Neng Bu Neng
10. Tiao
11. Zong Jie
12. Gan Chang
13. Deng Zhe Ni Hui Lai

Soulboy is Khalil Fong’s debut album, released on November 18, 2005. It’s in Mandarin, despite the fact that he is actually based in Hong Kong. The compositions are a mix of soul and R&B and though I don’t usually like genres like this too often, I really enjoyed this album. It’s worth a listen even if you don’t like soul too much.
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