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Fall 2008 Drama Reviews

So instead of doing a drama preview and separate review, I bring to you near-end of season reviews! Short and sweet, hopefully. Well, even though I haven’t finished any series yet, I’ve been dying to do this! Dramas are so nice…they make a great study breaks, haha =)

Celeb to Binbo Taro

Starring: Ueto Aya, Kamiji Yusuke, Kunitaka Ryoko, Kashiwabara Takashi
It’s the story of a rich girl (Ueto) who’s the daughter a major hotel chain owner, who also runs her own fashion line. She meets a poor widower with three young kids (Kamiji) and blah blah stuff happens. Basically it’s a drama with almost everyone really exaggerated, where the villian’s motive is nowhere to be found (yet? who knows). But, it’s still a fun watch for when you’re bored.
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[Jdrama] Yukan Club

Akanishi Jin as Shochikubai Miroku
Kashii Yu as Hakushika Noriko
Yokoyama Yu as Kikumasamune Seishiro
Suzuki Emi as Kizakura Karen
Taguchi Junnosuke as Bido Granmarie
Minami as Kenbishi Yuri
Kaga Takeshi as Shochikubai Tokimune
Kataoka Tsurutaro as Kenbishi Mansaku
Kato Kazuko as Kenbishi Yuriko

Yukan Club is a Japanese drama that aired the fall of 2007. It was broadcasted by NTV on Tuesday nights. Fairly popular, it got average ratings of 12.6%. Its theme song was Keep the Faith by KAT-TUN.

Basically the story is about six rich kids who are always bored, which sounds kind of stupid (not that it is particularly intelligent) but leaving it at that wouldn’t be giving it the credit it deserves. The six main characters all have well known parents and each have their own strength. Shochikubai Miroku is the son of the police commissioner. He likes autos and martial arts and has some serious connections. Hakushika Noriko is the daughter of a famous painter, and her mother comes from the traditional tea ceremony world. She’s an extremely well-bred rich girl but really hates men. Kikumasamune Seishiro is the son of a well known hospital’s owner. He’s very intelligent and is also a martial arts expert. Kizakura Karen’s mother is a jewel dealer; she hopes to marry into riches. Bido Granmarie is the son of the Swedish ambassador and is a huge playboy. Kenbishi Yuri is the daughter of the world renowned President of Kenbishi Corp.; she’s hugely energetic and loves food more than anything in the world.
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