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Fall 2008 Drama Reviews

So instead of doing a drama preview and separate review, I bring to you near-end of season reviews! Short and sweet, hopefully. Well, even though I haven’t finished any series yet, I’ve been dying to do this! Dramas are so nice…they make a great study breaks, haha =)

Celeb to Binbo Taro

Starring: Ueto Aya, Kamiji Yusuke, Kunitaka Ryoko, Kashiwabara Takashi
It’s the story of a rich girl (Ueto) who’s the daughter a major hotel chain owner, who also runs her own fashion line. She meets a poor widower with three young kids (Kamiji) and blah blah stuff happens. Basically it’s a drama with almost everyone really exaggerated, where the villian’s motive is nowhere to be found (yet? who knows). But, it’s still a fun watch for when you’re bored.
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[Jdrama] Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne?

Kanjiya Shihori as Morita Sakura
Kaname Jun as Udagawa Norio
Ogawa Nana as Nakagawa
Kojima Fujiko
Hagino Takashi
Ikeda Tsutomu
Kongouchi Takeshi
Watanabe Ikkei as Chief

Generally, all mystery dramas are the same. The only thing differentiating them is the gimmick specific to the show. KimiHan is no exception. It follows a girl named Morita Sakura, who is an aspiring mystery novelist. Unfortunately, she is always refused by the same editorial company over and over. Because of this, she works a lot of weird and random part time jobs. She meets Udagawa Norio, a detective who got in only because of his family connections. Generally, he’s stupid and falls in love very easily with almost any beautiful woman he sees. He discovers that she has an amazing memory, and she begins helping him with various cases as a part-time job.
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Spring 2008 Drama Previews

New season, new dramas! Here are my first and pre-impressions for some of the dramas this season.

Last Friends
It’s the story of people who have been hurt and how they are coping with it. It deals with many issues such as domestic violence and sexuality, so needless to say, this series is rather mature and serious. Not only does it have an amazing cast with Nagasawa Manami, Ueno Juri, and Eita, the story is interesting and compelling. Add to that a GREAT OP sequence and I think I’ve already decided that Last Friends is going to be my favorite of the season. And isn’t that promo images so beautiful?
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[Jdrama] Ashita no Kita Yoshio

Ashita no Kita Yoshio

Kohinata Fumiyo as Kita Yoshio
Matsuda Ryuhei as Yashiro Heita
Konishi Manami as Washizu Mizuho
Kuriyama Chiaki as Hasegawa Rika
Yoshitaka Yuriko as Yoimachi Shinobu
Namase Katsuhisa as Sugimoto Masaru
Jinbo Satoshi as Washizu Hideto
Maruyama Tomomi as Yoda Ryoichi
Yoshiie Akihito as Yaida
Iwamatsu Ryo as Ebata Tatsuo
Imai Masayuki as Minami Takao
Kaname Jun as Moriwaki Daisuke

Ashita no Kita Yoshio is a Japanese drama that aired during the winter of 2008. It was 11 episodes long and got pretty un-amazing ratings of 7.1%. Despite that, I thought that it was one of the better dramas of the season (and my personal favorite!).

The story focuses on a man named Kita Yoshio. Ever since he was little, he has had this strange connection to the number 11. Generally, he is a very pathetic man and seems to have no friends. He did have one good friend, Minami Takao, but he died 11 years ago. He used to be married to a beautiful nurse, but she divorced him shortly about Minami’s death. After visiting Minami’s grave one day, he slips and scratches his palm, resembling ’11.’ After seeing this, he decides that he himself will die 11 days later, on the anniversary of his only friend’s death. He sells off all his worldly possessions and plans to live out 11 more days. However on the first day, he meets Yashiro Heita. Through him, Kita Yoshio experiences the most eventful 11 days of his life, meeting all sorts of interesting characters.
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Winter 2008 Drama Preview

New season, new dramas, and a renewed spirit! This’ll be my first drama preview post as just my first impressions on the dramas I’m planning on watching and reviewing.

First Impressions

Shikaotoko Aoiniyoshi

A very unlucky man is forced to move his post at a university lab to a girl’s high school in Nara, where the deer roam around freely. Ogawa Takanobu moves into an apartment/inn of some sorts with a bunch of his co-workers. Life in Nara is quite different from Tokyo and Ogawa has probalem adjusting, including a student who seems to hate him. And not to mention that there seems to be someone tailing him and writing telltale notes on his classroom blackboard. So far, I’ve found Shikaotoko Aoiniyoshi to be quite interesting. Even though, it takes place in Nara that’s depicted as mostly slow-paced and not very exciting, the drama is full of life. I also love that the humor is very dry; there doesn’t seem to be any slapstick to be seen. I also have to mention that Tamaki Hiroshi and Ayase Haruka have pretty unflattering hair compared to their previous hairstyles. Maybe it’s supposed to be reflect on their location.
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