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Short and sweet ANNIVERSARY!

I was going to write something special, but actually I didn’t really have anything prepared and I had a midterm today, so actually…there’s really nothing but this short little message.


I still have more posts in the works, but for now I’ll just list some albums I’ve been enjoying lately
MONKEY MAJIK – TIME: this album is so good! The singles on the album were really good (esp. Tada, Arigatou) but there are also some great new tracks (like brokedown) I want to write some more on this later….
ayaka – Sing to the Sky: there are a lot of singles that I hadn’t really paid attention to but I am soo in love with Te wo Tsunagou, Okaeri, and Jewelry Day
OLIVIA – Trinka Trinka: as if I hadn’t said enough about this album, I LOVE it! It was so worth the wait, every time I listen to the album, I like it more and more.
Rie fu – Tobira: have been listening to this more often lately and am re-realizing how lovely this album really is.
Fish Leong – Sunrise: my very first Fish album! though I hadn’t really listened to it too much last year, lately I’ve been going back to my roots and it really is quite beautiful.

That’s it for now, hopefully I can get together my drama preview/review soon =)

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Fish Leong – j’Adore / Chong Bai

1. Chong Bai
2. C’est La Vie
3. Mei Tian Di Yi Jian Shi
4. Hui Hu Xi De Tong
5. 101
6. Yi Miao De Tian Tang
7. Gei Wei Lai De Zi Ji
8. Zhi Duo Shao
9. Shen Ming Zhong Bu Ke Cheng Shou De
10. San Cun Ri Guang
11. Yuan Lai Ni Ye Chang Guo Wo De Ge

I have a bit of a soft spot for Fish because she was one of the first Chinese artists I ever listened to; my first Fish album was Sunrise Wo Xi Huan…oh memories!! I don’t remember what I liked about her, but the next time I visited relatives in Taiwan, I made sure I bought another one of her albums. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a Fish song that I hated. Sometimes, she surprises me with an amazing song, but most of her songs are just beautiful, so there’s really nothing to complain about.
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