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Ayumi Hamasaki loses her hearing?!

I suppose most J-media followers know this already, but TeamAyu has released a statement saying that Ayumi Hamasaki has lost all hearing in her left ear. The translation is literally everywhere, so I’ll be short: she got an ear check-up last year and found out that she has lost all hearing in her left ear. Although she has lost hearing in her left ear, her right ear is fine and she wants to continue singing until her right ear has lost function. She won’t give up or make excuses and will continue to keep working hard.
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Ayumi Hamasaki – talkin’ 2 myself

1. talkin’ 2 myself
2. decision
3. fated “Orchestra version”
4. talkin’ 2 myself – Instrumental
5. decision – Instrumental

talkin’ 2 myself is Ayumi Hamasaki’s 42nd single. It was released on September 19, 2007 and reached the #1 spot on the weekly Oricon charts, selling about 70,000 copies in the first week, an unusual low for her. Both A-side and B-side had commercial tie-ins.
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