Winter 2009 JDrama Awards

April 11, 2009 at 3:22 am 1 comment

Instead of end-of-season reviews, I decided that I’d rather do awards! But they are rather limiting awards because they’ll only be based on dramas that I have watched. But all the same, they should be loads of fun for me!

Favorite Drama: Tie between Voice and Triangle
Voice was not was I was expecting, but I still really liked it. It’s actually not mysteries but more of a human drama with each episode focusing on a different guest. Although a lot of dramas with a different guest star per episode can have trouble with character development, Voice didn’t suffer from that problem at all, since the stories managed to weave into their personal lives as well. Plus Eita, Ishihara Satomi, Ikuta Toma, Endo Yuya, and Sato Tomohito were great as the five seminar students, starting out from a group of random students into their own little circle of close friends.

Triangle was definitely a treat for any mystery fan. There are plenty of twists and turns but not ones that come from nowhere and just the right amount of conspiracy, and the cast is filled with veterans, really drawing you into their world. It seems like there aren’t many long-running mystery series, most of them Yare one-episodes mysteries, like for every 10 Kiina/Yon Shimai tantei Dan/Galileo/etc-type mysteries, there’s only 1 Triangle / Unfair -type mystery series. But if they’re all like Triangle, it would be worth the wait. Eguchi Yosuke really impressed me; he’s quite amazing.

Biggest Surprise: Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Originally I only watched because of Mizushima Hiro (and he’s now married?!?! to ayaka?!?!) and a bit of Sato Takeru, but I was surprised that by the end of a couple of episodes I was really enjoying it. It’s seriously a throwback to HanaDan and HanaKimi, but who cares? Those dramas were super fun and even though the premise is so ridiculous, you just have to enjoy it for what it is. It’s one of those dramas where you escape to some alternate reality and it really just sucks you in.

Biggest Let Down: Kiina
The worst special effects which must be repeated in every episode. Which is sad because Kanno Miho was so amazing in Watashitachi no Kyokasho, which is not to say that she was terrible here, just that I wasn’t impressed or drawn in by any of the mysteries or character relationships.

Biggest Yawn: Arifureta Kiseki
I wanted to watch it because I wanted to see Nakama Yukie in a role other than Yankumi (but still I haven’t watched Gokusen 3 nor am I planning to), only to realize that perhaps that is the only role suited for her? Well I watched the first episode and by the time 10 minute mark had rolled around, I was bored to tears, but still tried to watch the whole episode to give it a fair chance. Well, I gave it a chance and decided that it wasn’t worth a second chance.

Most Fun: Love Shuffle
Slapstick comedy juxtaposed with sad reality, which is that everyone is cool and sophisticated and yet ultimately pathetic all at once. But the idea of a Love Shuffle (or LovuSha) is quite interesting but yet really strange and who would actually agree to do something so…odd? And are all Japanese adults this twisted? Looking at each individual character and their viewpoints on life, it’s hard to believe that somewhere in the world, people like them could really exist. While Love Shuffle can be depressing at some points, there are equally humorous moments – perhaps saying that when bad things happen to us, we should just laugh it off and let that be it. But I will still say that it was the most fun because out of all the drama this season, I laughed out loud more times in Love Shuffle than the rest combined.

Most Dramatic: Akai Ito
Because of Akai Ito, I’ve realized that Japanese middle schoolers and high schoolers lives consist of A) drugs and romance , B) adults that are all somehow connected to each other, and C) friends that get killed off / move away, etc. when they aren’t part of the main storyline anymore. But besides that, it was kind of cute at times. Although things were just a little too convenient. But that’s what dramas are all about, right?

Best Relationship (friends, romantic, family, or otherwise): Tara-chans which is Usa-tan (Tamaki Hiroshi) and Yukki (DAIGO) from Love Shuffle
Their relationship is a really interesting one, starting at first because they were both kind of pathetic and kind of clingy to their girlfriends, so they got along well. At first it seems like a very simple friendship, but it gets quite complicated in many different ways and at times can even be a little heartbreaking because of all the multi-threadedness. But still, in the end, they go past being just simple friends and the evolution of their friendship was quite an interesting progression.

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  • 1. Ai~  |  April 26, 2009 at 1:18 am

    True, true — awards are always fun! 😀 If we could only give these shows the trophies they deserve, hehe. 😀 Perhaps you could make 100×100 LJ icons for them and post them somewhere? 🙂

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