OLIVIA is Sailing Free

March 29, 2009 at 4:38 pm Leave a comment

After 2.5 years (and 7 months since her latest mini-album), OLIVIA will be releasing her 11th single, titled “Sailing Free.”

I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was suddenly postponed, only to turn into a mini-album, but since the release date is looming at only a couple of weeks away (April 15, 2009) I’d say the we have a true single on our hands! And there’s even some promotion as the insert song for a video game called Devil Kings (Sengoku Basara).

Sailing Free sticks to OLIVIA’s alternative-pop-rock, a little heavy on electronica. It wasn’t instant love when I first heard it, but after just a few more repeats and I’m liking it so much more. It’s whimsical but still strong with just a touch of ethereal-ness in the arrangement. The chorus is surprisingly catchy, because I’ve found myself humming it at random times. The PV is similar to her past videos as well. The set is a fake ocean, like in an older style play and OLIVIA’s costume is still playful and crazy, though not as much as other (think Stars Shining Out). And she also has a faux ‘fro! Overall, another fun track…I may also do a write up on the two b-sides, Love love love and Undress…


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