Yuna Ito – Koi wa Groovyx2

February 7, 2009 at 9:22 pm Leave a comment

1. Koi wa groovyx2
2. Mafuyu no Seiza
3. miss you – Hawaiian Breeze Remix –
4. Koi was groovyx2 -Instrumental-

Yuna Ito’s 12th single, Koi wa groovyx2, uses a big band brass for a fun and upbeat track. Yuna’s vocals are really great, but that’s probably the best thing about it. I mean, it’s certainly fun to listen to a couple of times, but I tire of it quickly. The chorus is not bad, the high notes are quite good but generally, it gets annoying after awhile. The cover is gorgeous, though.

However, the b-side, Mafuyu no Seiza, is really beautiful. The piano part is just lovely and gives the entire track a melancholy feel. The rest of the arrangement is really well done, and vocals are very pretty, calm but with enough emotion. Plus, the mix of English and Japanese is done just right. I didn’t realize how beautiful this song was until recently, but for awhile I had it on repeat.

The Hawaiian Breeze Remix of miss you is for once appropriately titled, but it’s not very good. Yuna’s vocals are still lovely, but the arrangement is a bit..lacking and kind of annoying. And it’s really really long.

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