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Track listing:
1. Tada, Arigatou
2. Aitakute
3. Together
4. goin’ places
5. brokedown
6. Closer to you
7. Bicycle
8. Akari
9. Fall Back
12. Hoshi
13. Utsukushii Omoide
14. Yakusoku

TIME is MONKEY MAJIK’s third major-label album (fifth overall), peaking at #2 on the weekly charts.

The album starts off with my favorite single, Tada, Arigatou, and the first song I ever heard by them. I think I’ve said this many times already, but I am in love with this song. The chorus is so catchy, the verses have a grade internal rhythm, the bridge is beautiful, and they manage to integrate the main solo piano line with a soul/hip-hop-esque beat. I could listen to it all day. The b-side to Tada, Arigatou, Yakusoku is also included in the cd-only version. It’s a beautiful piece against just a piano with gorgeous harmonizing by the two brothers.

While there are quite a few singles (count: 7 + 1 b-side), there are still quite a few new tracks. At first my favorite new track was brokedown. The arrangement is great mix of jazzy guitar, simple percussion, and piano. The lyrics (all in English) are really beautifully written not to mention kind of sad and the atmosphere is really chill, laid back but at the same time heartfelt. Now I’d have to say my favorite album track is Utsukushii Omoide. It just came from nowhere, one day I just had the chorus stuck in my head and then when I listened to the album later and realized, “that’s the song!” The chorus really is amazing – melody-wise and lyrics-wise. Though the verse melody isn’t as charming as the rest, it still fits the track well.

Closer to you is a fun, pop-ier track. The chorus melody is super sweet and fun but not annoying. As usual, their arrangement is really well done – especially the drum part. And again – awesome harmonization. Bicycle is pretty different from the previous track. Closer to you in light and poppy; Bicycle is a little heavier, a bit jazzy with some alternative influence. The lyrics are kind of fun because they describe learning to ride a bike (and who hasn’t fallen over on a bike before?): “I’m closin’ in on a fire hydrant / Disaster’s waitin'” and so on.

WEEKDAY sounds a bit sadder than the rest. The verses have a bit of a haunting feeling, but the chorus picks it up a bit. And it’s right before MORNING-EVENING – how interesting! The last new track is Hoshi; this one really slows the pace down but stays in their usual fashion. With a laid back and slightly nostalgic feeling, it’s a lovely piece with some beautiful instrumentals.

I knew I had to buy this album, but the question was which one? TIME was released in three formats: CD only, CD + MV DVD, and CD + Live DVD – but luckily I found the CD + Live DVD on sale and now I am finally a proud owner of this album. Most of the time on an album, there’s at least one track I always skip, but that is not the case with TIME. Every track is well done – catchy in some way or really beautiful in another. TIME is truly worth your time. (sorry, I had to).

Buy this album: CD only | CD + MV DVD | CD + Live DVD

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