MONKEY MAIJK – Aitakute / MORNING-EVENING / goin’ places

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1. Aitakute
3. goin’ places
4. The Letter
5. Aitakute -DJ Mitsu the Beats PM1:30 mix-

Aitakute / MORNING-EVENING / goin’ places is MONKEY MAJIK’s 9th single. It was released on June 25, 2008 and peaked at #21 on the weekly charts, so far selling around 10,000 copies.

Aitakute starts off a bit slow, with a wistful melody. The pre-chorus is really pretty with the high notes, but even so, I like the chorus better. The flow from Japanese to English and back is really well done and the melody itself is quite pretty. After listening to it many times, I’ve grown to really love this track. Plus, the arrangement is so beautiful as well, especially the backing guitar part. Sometimes I think that this song gives me the same feeling as one of my favorite YUI songs, Blue Wind.

MORNING-EVENING picks up the pace with quick rhythms and fast paced vocals. I really like the drum set part; it just adds to the quick and hurried pace. But even though it’s pretty fast paced, it still retains that sort of laid back feeing. There’s also a really good interlude/bridge combo with some really nice rhythms.

I really like the “ah ah oh oh” phrasing in goin’ places; it’s pretty simple but gives the track this extra funky feel to it. And that tambourine is really nice. It’s a really fun track with a catchy melody and near the end, the vocal overlaps sound great. Even though goin’ places is a little repetitive at time, I don’t mind at all because the melody is good.

The Letter is an acoustic ballad in English. It’s a low key track with an emotional melody and beautiful lyrics. The simple arrangement (just guitar and a bit of percussion) really makes you focus on just the vocals and the lovely melody. It’s really pretty and I love listening to it.

The remix of Aitakute adds some synth with a loungey feel to it. I guess it’s not bad, but I prefer the original. The vocals are just as good here, though.

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