[Jdrama] Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne?

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Kanjiya Shihori as Morita Sakura
Kaname Jun as Udagawa Norio
Ogawa Nana as Nakagawa
Kojima Fujiko
Hagino Takashi
Ikeda Tsutomu
Kongouchi Takeshi
Watanabe Ikkei as Chief

Generally, all mystery dramas are the same. The only thing differentiating them is the gimmick specific to the show. KimiHan is no exception. It follows a girl named Morita Sakura, who is an aspiring mystery novelist. Unfortunately, she is always refused by the same editorial company over and over. Because of this, she works a lot of weird and random part time jobs. She meets Udagawa Norio, a detective who got in only because of his family connections. Generally, he’s stupid and falls in love very easily with almost any beautiful woman he sees. He discovers that she has an amazing memory, and she begins helping him with various cases as a part-time job.

After the first two episodes, I realized something. The villain is always the woman Udagawa falls in love with, no exceptions. Unlike most mystery dramas, where the murderer is always kept a secret until the end, you know right from the start who dunnit. What’s interesting about this drama, though, is how it’s done. Most of the time, I’ll be pretty confused at the start of an episode and think how she could have done it. A few episodes are a little predictable, but that might just be because I’ve seen so many mysteries. And the grand finale that was being semi-built up was really just like any other episode, nothing particularly exciting about it (though it would be nice if it was).

Besides the mystery aspect, KimiHan is pretty funny and very entertaining. Kanjiya Shihori and Kaname Jun made a nice comedic pair. Sakura must have a million part time jobs and it’s always fun to see what random place she’ll pop up and when asked why she’s there, only to reply, “part-time job.” Udagawa is seriously a dumbass, but it makes this drama really entertaining. It’s little things like him always tripping, making silly mistakes, and his infamous lines “mottekareta~!” and “kimi/anata hannin janai/ja arimasen yo ne?”

Even though KimiHan is pretty much your average mystery-comedy, it’s well done. Mysteries are good, though a little predictable at times. The comedy is super fun, though can be a little weird sometimes. If you like mysteries or comedies, this one’s worth a watch.

Buy the boxset: Japan Version

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