[Twdrama] Romantic Princess / Gong Zhu Xiao Mei

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Angela Zhang as Mai Qiu Sui (Huang Fu Shan)
Wu Chun as Nan Feng Jin
Calvin Chen as Nan Feng Cai
Gu Bao Ming as Huang Fu Xiong (Emp)
George Hu as Nan Feng Lin
Li Ang Lin as Nan Feng Ying
Genie Zhuo as Gong Mo Li
Hsia Ching Ting as Yi Sen Chuan
Bu Xue Liang as Mai Cong Guang
Huang Jia Qian as Mai Ge Hao Wa
Lu Jian Yu as Head of Guards

Romantic Princess, Gong Zhu Xiao Mei, tells the story of Xiao Mai. Illegally adopted by a poorer family, she’s always dreamed that she was actually an heiress. One day to her and her parent’s surprise, the right hand man of Asia’s richest man Huang Fu Xiong (called Emp) comes take her back to her real home. She is actually the granddaughter of Emp and 17 years ago was taken by his enemies and later abandoned on the side of the road. Finally, after years of searching, his men have finally found her. She doesn’t want to leave her parents and her current life, but since her parents adopted her illegally, they have no legal rights as her guardians.

She reluctantly comes to live in their grand mansion and is told that her grandfather expects her to marry his successor when the time comes. The two pairs of brothers from the Nan Feng family are his candidates. The four have lived in the Huang Fu household since they were children and were groomed to eventually take over his corporation. Jin in particular is Emp’s favorite. Too bad neither he nor any of his brothers plan on becoming the successor. But as Xiao Mai and Jin begin to fall for each other, Emp insists on them getting engaged, something that will force Jin into becoming the successor.

I was pleasantly surprised by this drama. The plot, while of course being impossible, was very good and really fun to watch. I think a lot of what makes this drama really watchable is that it’s so much like a fairytale. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good fairytale? I know I love them! What’s nice about this fairytale is that is does have a few roots in reality and is undeniably modern. I have to say I love the clothes that Xiao Mai, Jin, and Cai have.

I’ve complained about Taiwanese dramas not have much side stories on other characters, and of course this drama is no different. While a few of the characters are given a little more depth (Emp, Cai, Mo Li), most are just there for no other purpose than to just be there (Lin, Ying, Xiao Mi, Xiao Mai’ parents). In the first episode, we find out that for some reason, Ying can’t stand to hear anyone say the name “Angela.” I thought that maybe later we’d find out why, but actually we don’t. So I’m not sure I understand what the point of adding those few short scenes throughout the drama if there wasn’t actually going to be anything coming out of it.

Acting-wise, it’s pretty good. Angela was really charming as Xiao Mai and it surprised me how much I liked her in this role. Actually, she stars in another drama that I really want to watch called Ai Sha 17. Unlike most Taiwanese dramas, it’s a mystery-type thing, so I’m excited to start that. But that’s for another day. Also, she looked really beautiful throughout the entire thing and I have to say that I don’t like her haircut on her Ang 5.0 album, the long, wavy hair looks much better on her.

Wu Chun also really surprised me here. I’ve watched him in Tokyo Juliet (with the great Ariel Lin), which I will cover some day, and he was just so-so. He was a little better in Hua Yang, but his role here was the best I’ve seen him yet. Really quite dashing. And next is my favorite, Calvin Chen as Cai. I think I’ve fallen in love, haha. He was really endearing and completely won me over, though his character can get a bit annoying at some points.

Generally, Romantic Princess is a well-acted drama with a fun fairytale-in-reality plotline. Like all other Twdramas, there are some pretty cheesy and over the top dream scenes, but the entire thing was really fun and didn’t skimp on the drama, either. Wu Chun and Angela Zhang look really good together and best of all, unlike Jdrama’s stale kissing scenes, theirs were not bad at all!

Buy the boxset: Taiwan Version

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