[Jmovie] Gaichu

May 25, 2008 at 12:10 am 1 comment

Gaichu (Harmful Insect)

Miyazaki Aoi as Kita Sachiko
Seiichi Tanabe as Ogata
Sawake Tetsu as Takao
Amamiya Ryo as Tokugawa
Ishikawa as Kyuzo
Aoi Yuu as Natsuko
Ryo as Kita Toshiko

Miyazaki Aoi stars as Sachiko, a trouble middle school student in Gaichu or Harmful Insect. The film starts with the scene of her mother attempting to commit suicide, setting the melancholy tone. And although Sachiko always wears her school uniform, she has stopped going for a long time. Suffering from loneliness, she searches for some kind of peace anywhere and for awhile finds solace with others who don’t confine themselves to society’s rules. Eventually, her only friend at school convinces her to come back to school. But things just don’t get better for her.

Miyazaki Aoi always seems to star in these kinds of film where there is little dialogue. Maybe it’s because she is so effective in expressing feeling solely through body language.

The story is rather serious and quite tragic. The movie basically chronicles her downward spiral and though there is peace for a little while, it just becomes uncontrollable at the end. Even though she is so young (only a 7th grader!), she is forced to mature and become an adult. But even though she is forced to grow up, she is still just a child. Her life is just tragedy after tragedy and so many horrible things happen even though the movie spans less than a year’s worth of time.

Throughout the movie, she corresponds to her former teacher through letters. It breaks up the film with Miyazaki Aoi’s character often asking for advice and because of the nature of letters, his response is too late for her to absorb. Often time, the advice we are seeking comes too late and you just can’t go back and change things.

Overall, Gaichu is an interesting and tragic look at adolescence with a great performance from Miyazaki Aoi.

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  • 1. myspiffyrosegirl  |  May 30, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    you seem to watch a lot of miyazaki aoi films. you should write a review someday where you review and compare all of them. that would be cool.

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