Chieco Kawabe – brilliance

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1. brilliance
2. Shining!
3. Kizunairo
4. Pink!Pink!Pink!
5. little wing
6. over
7. I Can’t Wait
8. cry baby
9. be your girl
10. leave me alone
11. Hoshi ni Negai wo

brilliance is Chieco Kawabe’s first and currently only album. It was released on March 16, 2005. Despite her previous low sales and rankings, there was still a CD-only and CD + DVD version. It charted at #92, staying on for only two weeks.

Generally, the album is pretty average and falls victim to a very common problem: the new songs are all over the place. Which, actually, doesn’t say much about the album because there aren’t very many new songs, and some of the new songs are just different versions of previous released songs on her singles. little wing is a rearrangement of cry baby with different lyrics and over has a arrangement very similar to quiet riot with different lyrics and melodies. Which leaves only three completely new songs: brilliance, Pink!pink!pink!, and leave me alone.

What is good about the album is that two out of the three new songs are worth listening to. The album’s namesake, brilliance, is a pop-rock song with an excellent arrangement with a lot of nice elements. I especially like the heavy bass beat with the strings. The verse melody is quite pretty, too, though the chorus does seem a bit out of place at times.

leave me alone is also a quality track, though it drags a bit, especially at the end. The arrangement is just great with synth and guitar riffs. Chieco’s vocals are also really good in this one, especially in the verses. Unfortunately, that leaves Pink!pink!pink! as the one that shouldn’t have been. The intro gives you an R&B feeling, but it’s only half R&B. The other half is pure pop and the two don’t come together well at all. There is, however, a guest rapper, and it only serves to worsen the song.

Maybe I was being hard on the album for the repeats, because even though they are rearranged (and okay! Fine, with new lyrics), the songs are not (as) bad (as Pink!pink!pink!). little wing has such a beautiful chorus that there’s just nothing I can complain about (except that the ending drags), and Chieco’s innocent vocals really highlight this piece. over has an R&B/hip-hop feeling and the melodies are okay (and slightly catchy).

All in all, while this album is not exactly a gem, there are a couple lurking around. Maybe if she and her producers spent a bit more time on new songs or more promotion, this album would have appealed more to buyers.

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