[Jmovie] Su-Ki-Da

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Miyazaki Aoi as young Yu
Eita as young Yosuke
Nishijima Hidetoshi as older Yosuke
Nagasaku Hiromi as older Yu
Sayuri Oyamada as Yu’s older sister
Ryo Kase
Maho Nonami
Nao Omori

High schooler Yu is in love with her friend Yosuke. He is often at the riverbank playing a song repeatedly, but when Yu comes to sit with him, he always puts his guitar away. Recently, he gave up sports and took up the guitar, deciding to (hopefully) make a living out of music. The two often walk together in a comfortable silence, though sometimes this silence is broken by Yosuke asking simple questions about Yu’s older sister.

One day, Yu kisses Yosuke, but the only response she gets is his departure. Fast forward 17 years and both Yu and Yosuke are leading quiet and lonely lives. They haven’t spoken since high school. They meet by chance in an audition, because they both happen to be working in the music business. The two go out for drinks after and reminisce about times past. They find that the feelings they have left behind are perhaps still very much present.

Su-Ki-Da is a very slow-paced film and those who rely on quick dialogue and a lot going on will be bored very quickly in. The movie is so beautiful, though; clear blue skies, riverbanks, quiet streets, just so pretty to look at. Miyazaki Aoi and Eita are able to capture the tension and uncertainty in the little dialogue and subtle expressions and actions. And then their older counterparts did just as well in showing the burdens that they carried from their youth.

What I liked about this film was how uncertain things were. Of course we know that Yu likes Yosuke. Maybe we can figure out that Yosuke likes Yu’s sister, but we can’t be quite as sure. And does he like Yu back? This same uncertainty is brought up later and as we often find ourselves, there aren’t always clear answers as to why things happen or are the way they are

For those who can look past the slow pacing and enjoy the purity of the emotions of the characters, Su-Ki-Da is a must see film.

Buy this movie: K DVD (Eng subs)

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