Jay Chou – Wo Hen Mang / On the Run

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1. Niu Zai Hen Mang
2. Cai Hong
3. Qing Hua Ci
4. Yang Guang Zhai Nan
5. Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding
6. Wu Shuang
7. Wo Bu Pei
8. Che
9. Tian Tian De
10. Zui Chang De Diang Ying

Wo Hen Mang (I’m really busy)/ On the Run is Jay Chou’s 8th album. It was released on November 2, 2007 and peaked at #1 on the Mandarin charts for two weeks. It contained songs from his semi-recent movie, Secret, and was also Jay’s first release on his newly formed record label.

Niu Zai Hen Mang is a Chinese take on a Western-style song. The first time I listened to it, it was quite strange and I was sort of confused. But after listening to it a few more times later on, I began to really like it. It’s really catchy, and the chorus is pretty nice. And as a side note, but is it just me or is Jay really really unconvincing as a cowboy?

The next track is Cai Hong, a ballad. It’s a sweet song with a nice acoustic backing (and later on, a simple, calming arrangement). I like it, but it’s pretty standard and not too memorable. The most interesting part of the song is the short R&B-style part in the middle.

Qing Hua Ci is another ballad, this time with a fuller arrangement and a more Asian-sound to it. I really like the simple melody and beats in this track and the arrangement is super nice. Plus, since Jay’s vocals aren’t exactly the strongest or most powerful, they suit a softer song like this.

Yang Guang Zhai Nan is an upbeat pop-rock track. The arrangement is nothing too special, especially coming from Jay who is known for amazing compositions. The melody is really nice, simple but pretty catchy and easy to remember.

Next is a piano ballad, Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding. I love the piano solo in this piece and the entire arrangement is rather pretty, especially when the strings are added. The melody is quite pretty and though the vocals sound a bit sad, the melody is somewhat uplifting, which is a nice contrast.

Wu Shang immediately has a darker tinge and goes back the R&B style. The arrangement is just amazing and utilizes so many different elements at different parts to get different feelings. I really like the chorus here and I’d have to say this is my favorite song off the cd.

Wo Bu Pei is an R&B ballad. The arrangement and rhythms are nice, but is just standard R&B stuff. I do like the melodies, especially the chorus, because it’s so easy to remember (and that it’s repeated so many times in the song).

Che starts off with a short conversation before going into a hip-hop and R&B fusion. The rhythms are nice and pretty catchy and the melodies are pretty nice, but generally the song is somewhat repetitive.

The next track is the upbeat Tian Tian De. I like the chorus a lot, it’s simple and sounds quite cute. The arrangement is pretty standard pop-rock, although I do really like the keyboard solo in the middle.

The album ends with Zui Chang De Diang Ying, a piano ballad. The piano is gorgeous here, and the strings sound super nice. I do really enjoy this, the melody is quite pretty and sad. Though, I’m not sure it’s good enough to end the album on; there were definitely stronger ballads that could have ended the album on a higher note.

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