Yuna Ito – Urban Mermaid

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1. Urban Mermaid
2. Colorful
3. Mahaloha -Gira Mundo ‘City Lights at Night’ Remix-
4. Urban Mermaid -Instrumental-

Urban Mermaid is Yuna Ito’s 9th single and her first to have an extra CD+DVD version. It was released on October 24, 2006 and debuted at #10 on the Oricon weekly (though it reached #8 on daily charts), selling just over 12,000 copies in the first week. I especially liked Yuna’s image for this single; her bangs look amazing!

Urban Mermaid is a pretty standard optimistic pop song. The verse melody is rather nice and I like the chorus, but the line “”I’m a beautiful mermaid” sounds rather cheesy. The rhythm is pretty good and there’s a nice guitar solo in the middle. There’s nothing too special about this song, but Yuna’s vocals sounds great.

Colorful starts off with a harpsichord like instrument, pretty interesting. The whole arrangement is actually rather interestin, there are a lot of interesting and unexpected elements. And then half-way through, it turns into a trance song for a little while. I like the chorus melody and vocals are again really good.

I often wonder who names Yuna’s remixes; they are so….interesting. Anyway, the music in this remix is really nice, love the brass! I would have really liked this if it wasn’t a remix of Mahaloha. The new arrangement is great! Just not for Mahaloha; I don’t think the two go together at all. It’s worth a listen or two, mainly for the interludes, because the who Hawaiian themed song doesn’t go with brass.

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