Chieco Kawabe – Shining! / cry baby

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1. Shining!
2. cry baby
3. quiet riot
4. Shining! -Instrumental-
5. cry baby -Instrumental-

Shining! / cry baby was Chieco Kawabe’s second single. It was released on November 25, 2004. This single fared even worse than her debut, charting only one week at #157.

Shining! is a mid-tempo pop track. You’d think that for a pop song titled with an exclamation point at the end, it’d be really energetic and happy. But it’s not. Even though, it is upbeat and the melody sounds happy, it doesn’t feel energetic at all. I do like the chorus, though; it’s very cute. The intro and outro voices are kind of strange, though, and it gives the song a retro feel.

cry baby has this movie soundtrack sadness to it. I especially like the chorus here. It’s sad, slow, and beautiful and the vocals have a really nice airy feeling. I can never remember the verse, though, and the ending to the song is kind of too much. There’s too many elements, and it’s a little too long and repetitive.

quiet riot starts off with some interesting rhythms. It has a much stronger feeling and a bit of an R&B vibe. The vocals are pretty good; they sound more powerful here than in any of her previous songs. In the middle, there’s this weird kind of rapping (not by Chieco, though).

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