[Jdrama] Sapuri

September 29, 2007 at 8:11 pm 1 comment

Ito Misaki as Fujii Minami
Kamenashi Kazuya as Ishida Yuya
Eita as Ogiwara Satoshi
Shiraishi Miho as Yugi Yoko
Ryo as Tanaka Mizuho
Sato Koichi as Imaoka Kyotaro
Aijima Kazuyuki as Sakuragi Kunio
Asami Reina as Watanabe Yuri
Haraguchi Akimasa as Matsui Yoshihide
Sato Shigeyuki as Mita Keisuke
Shida Mirai as Konno Natsuki

Sapuri is a Japanese dorama that aired during the summer of 2006. It was broadcasted on Fuji TV on Monday at 9:00 PM and was 11 episodes long. It enjoyed ratings of 14.2%, though the highest rated episode was the first with a rating of 17.9%. The opening theme is YOU by KAT-TUN and the ending theme is Real voice by ayaka.

Fujii Minami is napping while riding the train to work when she is woken by a cellphone ringing. Since it was just left on the seat, she answers it. It’s some guy who says that he left it on the train and wants her to deliver it to him because he has an important interview very soon. Minami also has an important meeting to attend, so she just leaves it at the lost and found at the next station.

She works for a company that produces commercials. One of the leading creative minds, she is the leader of many projects. At work, she meets with her boss, Imaoka Kyotaro, and her co-worker. They are introduced to a new worker who transferred from Osaka, Ogiwara Satoshi. Though he is young, he is popular and does excellent work. They say he is “striking Tokyo.”

The guy who lost his phone is now at his work place. He is Ishida Yuya, a new part-timer at Create Agency, Minami’s company. Ishida is a family friend of Imaoka and since he needed a job, he started working there-for the time being anyway. He delivers mail to Minami; she doesn’t notice right away, but after 15 seconds she realizes it’s him – the guy whose phone she picked up.

This dorama is chock full or office relationships. Ishida soon falls for Minami, but she has her eyes set on Ogiwara. Though Ogiwara has some feelings for her, he is still dealing with a college almost-sweetheart, Tanaka Mizuho, who is married to Ogiwara’s senpai. Another young office worker, Watanabe Yuri is also aiming for Ishida. On the side, there’s a secret relationship between Imaoka and Yugi Yoko. Their relationship is a bit more rocky, though, because Imaoka’s ex-wife has asked him to take in their daughter, Natsuki, for awhile.

While Sapuri will never be on my favorite dramas list, it was pretty enjoyable. All the office relationships are seriously complex! But sometimes I thought that it was just over the top – like, how can there be so many relationships in just one office?

The acting was pretty good, though. I liked a lot of the side characters, especially Eita and Ryo’s characters. Ryo was gorgeous in this role! I also really liked Eita’s character. I didn’t care much for the character of Watanabe; she didn’t really have any good points.

Kamenashi Kazuya’s acting was not bad, but not particularly good either. I thought Ito Misaki’s acting was good, though. Actually separately, I like them both, but they’re not so good together. The chemistry just isn’t there. Like you want to believe them when they say they want to be together, but you just can’t. The acting is fine, but the two people don’t feel right together. Because of that, it made the main storyline not as strong as it should have been.

Personally, I prefer the side relationship of Imaoka and Yugi with Imaoka’s daughter, Natsuki. Shiida Mirai was rather good as Natsuki and the actual character is so likable. And though I didn’t really like Imaoka at first, I eventually came to appreciate his character.

The backdrop of the story is pretty interesting, though. The various projects the CM production company goes through is fun to watch.

Sapuri’s not a bad drama. It’s enjoyable, but it doesn’t really go past that. The plot isn’t so compelling that you need to know what happens next; it’s more like you just want to know, but you don’t care one way or the other. It’s really only worth watching if you really like any of the leads or if you like stories about younger guy with older woman.

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