JJ Lin – Xi Jie

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1. Du Bai
2. Sha Shou
3. Sha Shou @ Xu
4. Xi Jie
5. Wu Liao
6. Dan Tiao
7. K-O
8. Da Nan Ren – Xiao Nu Hai
9. L-O-V-E
10. Fa Xian Ai
11. Bu Liao Lei De Ji Chang
12. Baby Baby
13. Zhi You Bu Bian

West Side is JJ Lin’s fifth Mandarin album. It was released on June 29, 2007.

Du Bai starts off the album with a nice interlude first featuring a Chinese instrument then fading into piano. After, there is a monologue of sorts that introduces the next song, Sha Shou.

Sha Shou is definitely one of my favorite Chinese songs to listen to. It starts off with a simple piano melody and slowly blends in the rest of the elements. JJ’s vocals are somewhat muted the whole time, never getting too loud. I love the chorus, it’s pretty catchy and the echoing is really nice (there’s even a bit of French!). The song itself it quite morbid, as it depicts a guy murdering a girl because he loves her. As the lyrics go: “Why do killers exist? It’s because of love.” The next track Sha Shou @ Xu is pretty much a continuation of Sha Shou. If you played one after the other, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they are actually two separate tracks. Sha Shou @ Xu just features a slight change in pace with a little variation in the rhythm.

Xi Jie, the album’s namesake, is a ballad. The intro is quite nice and sounds pretty epic. The melody is really beautiful – soft and tragic. The chorus is especially nice and JJ’s vocals are really nice. The arrangement is also quite good – the piano lines between the vocals is really pretty.

Next comes the R&B feel starting with Wu Liao. The rhythm is rather nice and kind of catchy, but I have a harder time remembering the melody line. I like the chorus more than the verse, though, since it’s a little more energetic. There are some talking lines in the song – both in Mandarin and in English. It’s just a fun, cute song.

Dan Tiao is a short interlude of a conversation in Mandarin and English. One is provoking the other about the other’s beatboxing skills, so they decide to ‘battle’ it out.

K-O, the battle from Dan Tiao, is R&B/hip-hop fusion. The entire thing is really catchy – both the beats and the melody. There’s a short rap in middle, but it soon goes right back into the previous melodies. Finally, there’s the beatbox battle and instrumental, which ends the song. After Sha Shou, this maybe my next favorite song.

Da Nan Ren – Xiao Nu Hai is a slow and sad ballad. The arrangement is pretty minimalistic, which puts all the emphasis on JJ’s vocals. The entire song is very simplistic, but it’s just gorgeous and very enjoyable.

L-O-V-E is a R&B song with a bit of a lounge feel to it. The beat is nice and the melody is not bad. There’s a rap in the middle of it. I like this song, but it’s nothing too special.

The next is Fa Xian Ai, a duet with another Chinese singer, Jin Sha. Both of their vocals are very good and they go together pretty well. I don’t care much for the verse, but the chorus is really nice. But my favorite part is actually the bridge. I also like the arrangement – especially the strings in their few parts.

Bu Liao Lei De Ji Chang is another great ballad. The arrangement starts off with mostly just the piano, but stronger strings come in in the second verse. I really like the chorus melody, it’s especially gorgeous. What’s really nice about this ballad is that is starts off slow and rather sad, but as the song progresses, the arrangement becomes fuller and JJ’s vocals begin to sound more optimistic.

Baby Baby is a rock/hip-hop fusion song. It works really well, though it’s not particularly catchy. It’s a bit slower than the other songs and doesn’t have a strong beat. JJ’s vocals are pretty good, though. The arrangement is also pretty nice.

Zhi You Bu Bian ends the album with a beautiful ballad. The piano melody is really nice. Midway through there’s a great interlude (really nice string solo!) I like the chorus a lot – it’s sounds strong and has a lot of emotions. It’s a nice end for an excellent album.

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