Cherry Boom – Guai Guai

September 5, 2007 at 9:30 pm 2 comments

1. Guai Guai
2. Ni Ai Wo Ma
3. Green
4. Qi
5. Ting Yuan
6. Shou Gou
7. Zai Yi Ci
8. Liar
9. Se Cai
10. Hu La La

Guai Guai (roughly translating into Goody-Goody) is Cherry Boom’s second album. It was released on June 4, 2007.

Guai Guai is a really catchy pop rock number. The rest of the band is also in the backing vocals more clearly, which I actually really liked about this song. The chorus is pretty catchy and the interlude after the first chorus is really nice. My favorite part is the short section where they all say ‘fin shou’ at different times; it’s pretty cute and sassy. One of my favorite Chinese songs.

Ni Ai Wo Ma is a ballad that utilizes a full set of strings as the intro. After that intro, though, the rest of band comes in and stay in and the strings don’t come out to the front again. The chorus is rather pretty, as is the verse melody, but I think I prefer the chorus to the verse. Vocals are excellent.

The intro to Green is a bit spooky and eerie. It kind of reminds me of Qin Ai De Wang Zi from their first album. I liked Qin Ai De Wang Zi, but Green is kind of boring to me. The chorus is a bit better than the verse, but it doesn’t save the song.

Qi starts off slow, but picks up a little at the chorus. I really like the chorus; it’s pretty catchy. The verse sounds a bit sad and nostalgic, but the chorus sounds more upbeat. There are some really nice solos in this song, too.

Ting Yuan is a soft, also a bit sad sounding song. It’s mostly acoustic with a bit of percussion and the vocals are pretty soft and light, giving an airy feeling. I really like the guitar part. I also like the garden-y sound effects, like the water in the song.

Shou Gou is one of my favorite tracks off the album. It starts off with heavy guitar riffs and the vocals come in really strong. The melodies are rather catchy; the rhythm of the vocals is really easy to remember. It has kind of an angry feel to it, especially because the vocals are very strong and heavy throughout the entire song.

Zai Yi Ci is gorgeous power ballad. As usual of many of their ballads, the band’s instrument takes a bit of back seat. Though the verse is pretty, I prefer the chorus because it sounds much more powerful. The interlude in the middle is also really nice.

Liar is a pretty cute little song, but I find the chorus really annoying when they are all singing “Liar, liar.” I like the intro and the verses to the song are very good. But back to the chorus, I like the rest of the chorus, I just really have a hard listening to them all singing “Liar, liar,” which is a bit of a dilemma; sometime I just wish I could fast forward over the “Liar, liar” part.

Se Cai sounds like you could have heart the composition on mainstream American radio stations. The vocals aren’t that loud in the song, maybe even a little muted, but I actually like that part. I also like the chorus a lot and the background vocals.

Hu La La ends the album on a happy-pop-rock note. It sounds like a celebration; the chorus is also really happy and catchy. It’s an upbeat number, and it’s really short – the shortest on the album. It’s an excellent way to end the album because you are left wanting more.

Guai Guai is another great album from Cherry Boom. Granted, there were some tracks that were kind of iffy and some annoying parts in songs, but as a whole, I really enjoyed it and can listen to it multiple times.

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Lau  |  September 11, 2007 at 5:28 pm

    In agreement with you, the band gives the turn to the “girly bands” breaking the barrier of ” pretty girls”. This band show us a new face of gilr-bands developing today. Unique Style, Unique personalities…my favorite band forever 😉

  • 2. Fire  |  September 19, 2007 at 1:29 am

    This band is chinese all-girl rock band, other than performance, this band also shall support other musician!

    Cha-cha is only singer of this band, she can play guitar, so during this band support other musician, she play guitar without singing, twin guitar version is Cha-cha play guitar together with Gua, Cha-cha use fender stratocaster, Gua use PRS!

    Position of this band support other musician:
    Gua=Guitar(Twin guitar version only), Keyboard(pop-rock style only)

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