hiro – Itsuka futari de / I will take you

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1. Itsuka Futari de
2. I will take you
3. Itsuka Futari de (NS LateTime Remix)
4. I will take you (TinyVoice’s Acoustic Groove Remix)
5. Itsuka Futari de -Instrumental-
6. I will take you -Instrumental-

Itsuka Futari de / I will take you is hiro’s 14th single. Though it was released in August 22, 2006, it is her most recent single. The single was featured in the 2006 movies Backdancers where hiro also played a leading role of dancer Yoshika. Despite this tie-in, it did not sell very much compared to her previous singles; it only sold more than her previous single, Hero*.

Itsuka Futari de has a rather intersting composition. The intro sounds very old school retro, like is record played on a record player. The whole song is rather catchy, especially due to the rhythm. I really like the entire thing and the strings sound excellent. It doesn’t have a heavy dance, but does a bit of a light dance feel with the added clapping and rhythm.

I will take you is a much more acoustic based song with some nice whistling. Unlike Itsuka Futari de that sounded more happy, I will take you sounds sad and melancholic. hiro’s English pronunciation is really good, though the grammar is kind of iffy. I don’t care too much for the whistling, but I really like the verse melody that follow it – it’s just gorgeous. hiro’s vocals are excellent.

The remix is Itsuka Futari de is pretty interesting. It gives the song a lounge and jazzy vibe to it, but there’s a heavier beat added that give it a more club feel. There is some extra echoing of vocals, but the pace is pretty much the same. I really like the added piano part.

The remix of I will take you, gives it a more club feel with the extra percussion. The tempo is also slightly faster. With the newer arrangement, the whistling sounds kind of strange; I will they took it out. The remix also makes the song sound less melancholic. This version is nice, but I prefer the original mix.

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