abingdon boys school – Nephilim

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1. Nephilim

Nephilim is abingdon boys school’s third single. It peaked at #3 on the daily charts, but fell to #5 for the weekly rankings. It was released on July 4, 2007 and has currently sold over 30,000 copies. As a side note, the cover to this single was yet another emblem, the same emblem that has been featured on every cover of their singles with different colorings. I can only hope that for their upcoming album, the emblem won’t be so prominently displayed.

Nephilim starts off much slower compared to all their past songs. It can even partially considered a rock ballad. It’s not in-your-face; the entire song holds a lot of tension. The verse are rather quiet, with light percussion and guitar riffs. It gets louder and more full during the chorus, but even then it’s not as loud as previous a-sides. It’s definitely a nice change of pace and it’s well done.

LOST REASON starts out with a relatively loud intro, but when the vocals come in, it’s softer like the a-side. I especially like the part connecting the verse and the chorus. And the bridge. The English pronunciation is pretty good, I’m able to understand a good amount of it.

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