Shibasaki Kou – Prism

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1. Prism
2. polka dot
3. Sukoshizutsu
4. Prism -Instrumental-

Prism is Shibasaki Kou’s 14th single. It was released on May 30, 2007 and has sold approximately 9000 copies.

Prism starts out with a just piano melody and then Kou comes in with the vocals. Slowly, the rest of the instrumentation layers. The tempo builds up after it gets to the chorus. The feeling I get from Prism kind of reminds me of the one I get from invitation. I really like the chorus because it sounds happy, fun, and nostalgic all at the same time. The verse is also quite sad sounding and the arrangement adds to this feeling, especially with the strings.

polka dot has an R&B feel to it with its heavier beats and electronica. The arrangement is rather minimal and puts more emphasis on the short and more pronounced vocals. There are also some English lyrics in the chorus. Despite the song have a rather moderate tempo, the pace feels a bit slow and sluggish at some points. It’s an enjoyable song, but not very memorable.

The intro to Sukoshizutsu immediately has a tropical feeling to it, but after that it somewhat disappears. It’s another medium paced song with slower vocals. There are some points in the song that are quite lovely and Kou sounds great, but there are other points that are kind of bland. It’s somewhat enjoyable and somewhat plain.

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