[Jmovie] Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru

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Miyazaki Aoi as Satonaka Shizuru
Tamaki Hiroshi as Segawa Makoto
Kuroki Meisa as Toyama Miyuki
Aoki Munetaka as Shirohama Ryo
Koide Keisuke as Sekiguchi Kyohei
Oonishi Asae as Yaguchi Yuka
Uehara Misa as Inoue Saki

I watched Miyazaki Aoi in NANA; she was great and I was interested in her other works. And I do love Ai Otsuka’s ballads (the movie’s theme is Renai Shashin), so when I found subs for Tada, Kimi wo Ashiteru, I had to watch it.

It starts out at the end of the story where Makoto flies to New York to meet his good friend Shizuru. He then recounts the story of their unusual friendship. Makoto is somewhat autistic and has a difficult time socializing with others, so he often keeps to himself. Shizuru is an eccentric young woman who acts and dresses many years younger than she actually is. The two meet on the first day of university when Shizuru is attempting to cross a busy intersection and Makoto points out to her that it would be better to cross at an intersection with a light. He leaves and she still stands at the intersection waiting to cross. Makoto is taken by this and pulls out his camera and snaps a photograph. He later notices her in a class and sometime later, she joins him in the school cafeteria. This is where their tentative friendship starts.

Shizuru follows Makoto to a gated forest. He enjoys photography and sneaks in there to take pictures. Together they discover different parts of the forest and it kind of becomes “their place,” somewhere where it is only the two of them. Eventually Shizuru also takes up photography.

Miyuki is a beautiful girl who befriends Makoto, who incidentally likes Miyuki. Makoto becoming friends with Miyuki and her group create a little rift between Shizuru and Makoto, since Shizuru is known as the strange girl, and his new friends poke fun at her. Makoto makes things right with Shizuru and they once again start taking pictures together again. He takes her back to his house to use his darkroom to teach her how to develop photos. Soon Shizuru and Miyuki also become friends. However, Shizuru knows that Makoto is in love with Miyuki. And in turn tells him that she just want to like the person that she likes like.

Shizuru and Makoto decide to enter an amateur photography competition near the end of their university years. Shizuru wants to take a picture of the two of them kissing in the forest. She says that she wants that for her birthday present; Makoto agrees. After that day, however, Shizuru disappears without a trace.

Tada, Kimi wo Ashiteru is a beautifully crafted film. The pace is fairly slow compared to American films, but that is one thing that I enjoyed about it. There’s a simplicity in the story that is just very charming.

Miyazaki Aoi is great as a cute, innocent university student; the character she creates is really very lovable. She has some lines that you just think, “what was that?!” to, but I think that it just adds to her character’s emphasis on not being mature yet.

I also liked Tamaki Hiroshi’s character a lot, though a bit too shy and non-confrontational at times. Kuroki Meisa’s character is so seemingly perfect that you almost doubt that someone like her really exists. I mean, who really know anyone like Miyuki?

This movie is definitely worth seeing if you enjoy slice-of-life or romance stories. If you’re a fan of the three actors/actresses listed above, it won’t disappoint either.

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