Shibasaki Kou – Kiki

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1. Kiki
2. at home
3. regret
4. invitation
5. -toi toi-
6. Amai Sakikusa.
7. Bunshin
8. interference
9. Sakanakana
10. Hito Koi Meguri
11. Kage
12. Usagi
13. Calendar

Kiki is Shibasaki Kou’s third album. It was released on April 25, 2007. Kiki ? peaked at #3 on the weekly Oricon charts, but managed to hit the daily #1 spot on the first day of its release. It has currently sold over 100,000 copies.

The album starts off with its namesake, the upbeat Kiki ?. I love the piano in the arrangement and the Kou’s low pitched vocals. The chorus is cute and catchy, but I prefer the melody of the verses which has a melancholy undertone despite the faster tempo. There are some cute Engrishy lyrics here, a little different from typical Shibasaki Kou stuff.

at home is a slow ballad. Kou’s vocals are very calm and lSovely here and the arrangement is fairly nice with a bit of electronica and some strings. It’s a pretty song, but a bit boring for my tastes and I don’t tend to remember the melody.

regret, despite its title, is a faster song. I like the chorus, especially, with the pronounced beat – the second part of the chorus is my favorite part because of the long and short notes Kou hits. The arrangement is great because of the fun jazzy sound.

invitation is one my favorite singles from Kou. It’s fun and upbeat and I love both the verse and chorus melodies. The chorus is especially catchy and I often find myself humming it. The arrangement is gorgeous too – the strings and piano are amazing together – it’s one the instrumentals that I actually like listening to. I like the bridge when the vocals are somewhat muted and the piano can be clearly heard – love the use of piano in this song.

-toi toi- starts off sounding like part of the soundtrack in an old black-and-white movie. It’s actually an interlude, where over the epic music, Kou asks many questions.

Amai Sakikusa is another ballad. The verses aren’t really anything special, but the chorus is emotion-filled and the entire song sounds very sad. The arrangement is nice, but nothing special. Just like the song itself.

Bunshin is a slow song that features sad vocals and a pretty bare arrangement with just an acoustic in the intro. It builds up and the arrangement adds in more instruments as the vocals get louder as well. I love the percussion effects in the verses – sounds like something hollow is being hit and it reverberates or something.

interference is my favorite Kou b-side. I love the arrangement – especially the brass! The vocals are fast paced and the chorus, despite the slower tempo, is pretty catchy.

Sakanakana is probably the fastest song the album and Kou’s vocals are low and hold a tragic sound to them. I love the chorus, especially; it’s sounds very epic with the higher pitch. I also love the arrangement – the strings trill a lot and it sounds great; the piano melody is also very nice. This is my favorite non-single song on the album.

Hito Kou Meguri is a slow ballad. The part that builds up the chorus is very beautiful and the chorus itself is also great – it’s sad-sounding, maybe a bit nostalgic, and very lovely. The verses are also melancholy, but compared to the rest of the song, it just doesn’t stand out as much. I don’t like the arrangement that much, though. There are too many elements and it’s too full-sounding.

Kage is a gorgeous ballad that I really just fall in love with. The entire song sounds so sad and tragic, but the chorus (and the pre-chorus) is especially beautiful. Kou’s vocals are amazing. The string in the arrangement are done just right.

After all those two ballads, comes the fun and upbeat Usagi. This one is different from a lot of typical Kou songs in that the actually vocals are faster and jump around a bit. The arrangement is pretty interesting and uses a lot of elements, but mostly separately.

Calendar ends the album on an upbeat note. Easily one of the best new songs, it’s fast, fun, and catchy. I love the chorus especially in this song. The arrangement really makes this song great – it just works. A great way to end the album.

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