OLIVIA – The Return of the Chlorophyll Bunny

May 13, 2007 at 10:35 pm Leave a comment

1. Dreamcamp
2. skip to a little #
3. Purple Box
4. Under Your Waves
5. Space Halo

The vocals in Dreamcamp are absolutely gorgeous. The arrangement in the beginning is again very bare with just some electronic bass and a guitar strumming, the focus is completely on the vocals. Later, some piano is added in, but it just complements the vocals.

skip to a little # immediately has a dark feeling. There is man featured, who again is probably Jeffrey Lufkin. He talk-sings all the verses and OLIVIA just sings the short chorus. The arrangement gives off the feeling that something is about to happen – also shown in the verses, which lyrics talk of society and hierarchies.

Purple Box continues with the dangerous feeling. The verses and chorus are completely different, soft one moment then loud and brazen the next. There is a little play on Alice in Wonderland with this little bit “roll into a hole / Where 18 red eyed rabbit with hatchets / Take me prison and force feed me carrots.” I thought that bit was hilarious.

Under Your Waves transitions into an angrier, almost sexual, feeling. Another song that combines a rock arrangement with clear, lovely vocals. The chorus, however, features louder, most brazen vocals.

Space Halo has a beautiful string arrangement with vocals that are just as haunting. I love the chorus the most here, with the background vocals and fuller feeling. It has a more optimistic sound than the verses that have a desperate or helpless tone.


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