OLIVIA – Internal Bleeding Strawberry

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1. Sea Me
2. solarhalfbreed
3. Into the Stars
4. Dress me up
5. grapefruit tea
6. Color of your Spoon
7. internal bleeding strawberry

OLIVIA’s first mini-album features English lyrics for all of the songs including a new version of Into the stars, Sea Me, and grapefruit tea. Color of your Spoon is the only exception, with a new version in an old Irish language. Four songs were from her debut album synchronicity, two were from her lastest two singles and the last (and most unique) of the album was its namesake. It was released on February 21, 2003 and was sold only through Tower Records.

Sea Me is a song I could definitely hear on American radio. It’s got a great arrangement and catchy fast paced vocals. The chorus is definitely my favorite part with super fast vocals and are almost hard to catchy what she’s singing despite the clearly vocals. Part pop and part rock, this song is able to be enjoyed by a wider range of people than many of her earlier songs.

solarhalfbreed, synchronicity’s opening song, combines a rock sound with beautiful (and most of the time) calm vocals. It was originally in English, so no change has been made to this version.

Into the Stars is another pop-rock song, but featured more ethereal vocals. It’s slower pace and can almost be considered a ballad because of the soft and flow-y nature. The chorus is very beautiful and lovely to listen to. I see this as another song that can appeal to an American audience.

The English version of Dress me up was also featured on synchronicity. It’s a fast paced rock song with an interesting arrangement.

Grapefruit tea was one of my favorites off of synchronicitybecause of its mellow jazz feel. The English version is just as good, changing its only few Japanese lines into English lines.

Color of your Spoon’s new lyrics sound just as beautiful, if not more than the Japanese lyrics. Arrangement-wise, it’s no different than the one released on synchronicity.

internal bleeding strawberry features a quiet, creepy like intro that would become quite prominent in many of her songs. It features somewhat playful lyrics; at end she screams ‘strawberry, don’t you die on me!!’ The arrangement makes uses of bass and coupled with her slow vocals, it gives it a dark and tragic feel.

Although it was an enjoyable album, it lacked consistency. And I’m not sure if just new lyrics with no adjustment made to the arrangement would appeal to a large audience.

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