[Jdrama] Koukou Kyoushi 2003

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Ueto Aya as Machida Hina
Fujiki Naohito as Koga Ikumi
Kyomoto Masaki as Fujimura Moroki
Sonim as Kudo Beniko
Narimiya Hiroki as Kamiya Yuji
Aoi Yuu as Ezawa Mami

The initial description of this drama is “forbidden love” between a teacher and a student. However it is much more than that. It starts out as Hina (Ueto) skips class with her friend Beniko (Sonim). They later split up and Hina runs into a man at the game arcade. They become somewhat like friends and go back to his apartment. There, Hina freaks out and pushes him away, and the two end up only sleeping side by side the entire night. The next day at school, the man she met last night is her new math teacher – Koga Ikumi (Fujiki). However, he doesn’t seem to recognize her. He’s a genius, fairly young and good-looking, making him extremely popular among the all-girl student population. The real reason he has come to teach at a school is because he is dying of a brain tumor – he left his previous life suddenly and seeks to live out his last days peacefully. No one except his doctor knows that he is dying.

The plot doesn’t truly start until Hina hits her head during gym and later collapses during class – she is rushed to the hospital. When she wakes, she looks for Koga and overhears a conversation with Koga’s doctor. She, the doctor, tells him that he has probably only six months to live, however Hina thinks that the doctor is talking about her. When she asks Koga about this, he lies to her and tells her that she is dying. He calls it his ‘experiment.’ Koga’s doctor doesn’t tell her the truth when she is confronted either. What starts is a relationship based on lies. Hina begins to depend on him and he begins to need her in his life. She is his mirror image – he can see the effects on someone else, the same things and thoughts that happened to him happening to the girl.

That is the main plot, but beside it there’s another story equally as dark and twisted. Beniko meets Yuji (Narimiya), a charming guy who saves her from some guys trying to pick her up. He is a host who loves to play games. Last year, he was the cause of a student commiting suicide, a student at Hina and Beniko’s school. Beniko doesn’t know this and continues to fall for him, causing her own destrution. Fujimura (Kyomoto), the head teacher of her grade, takes special interest in this ‘case’ and commits to saving Beniko, even if it means getting his hands a bit dirty.


Besides some stretches in the plot (a doctor lying about impending death?), I thought it was great. It delves in some deep psychological and social issues. The Hina-Koga storyline was cute, but sometimes hard to watch because you knew there was a time when she would find out that he lied to her. Beniko’s story was also hard to watch because she just kept getting lower and lower with Fujimura trying to protect and save her. There are a lot of twists and it keeps you guessing until the very end and even past the end. A dark drama with plenty of romance and mystery.

The acting was great. Ueto Aya was cute and happy, but also very mature and sad. Fujiki Naohito was confusing and seemed fairly unstable at times. Sonim stole a lot of scenes from the leads. But most of all, Narimiya Hiroki was brilliant as Yuji. Really really awesome – crazy and insane, very deceptive.

Great drama, very moving, but definitely not light-hearted. Loved it.

Buy the boxset: Japan Version

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