abingdon boys school – INNOCENT SORROW

January 3, 2007 at 3:33 pm 1 comment

2. Fre@K $HoW

abingdon boys school (a.b.s.) is Nishikawa Takanori, more commonly known as T.M. Revolution (Takanori Makes Revolution)’s new project. a.b.s is a rock band modeled after Radiohead, which was formed at Abingdon School. Thus, the name. They formed in 2005, but INNOCENT SORROW is their debut studio single (released December 6, 2006), though they have already released songs on various compilations, including tributes to the manga NANA (stay away), J-rock band BUCK-TICK (Dress), and the movie/manga DEATH NOTE (Fre@k $HoW).

Members include (from left to right) SUNAO (guitar), Nishikawa Takanori (vocals), Toshiyuki Kishi (Keyboard + Programming), and Shibasaki Hiroshi (Guitar). There has been some criticism of a.b.s, since T.M. Revolution was a J-pop artist, not J-rock. I’ve always thought that T.M.R. was more pop-rock than straight pop, though, so let’s take a look at their debut single.

INNOCENT SORROW is really awesome. The arrangement is really great and the vocals are just as good. The J-pop influence is not obvious (or at least not to me), so J-rock fans don’t have to worry. The bridge is pretty nice and I love love the chorus. Really great song, love it.

Fre@K $HoW has a cool song with the electric guitar and muted vocals. It would have been better, though, if there was more contrast between the whispher-like vocals versus his loud voice. It’s got a nice ending and the arrangement is, again, very good.

So, was a.b.s. a good move on Takanori’s part? Yes, definitely! I wish there were instrumentals on the single, though-that would have been even better. Great debut single, I can’t wait to see what they release next.

Buy this single: CD only


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  • 1. kai  |  August 9, 2007 at 10:24 pm

    innocent sorrow is used in the opening theme of D-grey man ^^

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